Tornado is a character created by ElectricMayhem, who first appeared in Legendary Adventures Issue 1. He is currently the leader of the Legion of Power. His real name is Thomas Natson.


Real Name:

Thomas Natson


Creating strong winds and tornadoes. Can survive through any type of weather. Special government training.

First Appeared:

Legendary Adventures Issue 1

Group Affiliations:

Legion of Power


Thomas Natson was a soldier in the army when he was exposed to a secret nuclear weapon during the Top Secret War. The weapon was powered by cosmic energy from a meteorite. The weapon had a strange affect on his molecules and DNA. He was immediately taken to a hospital. Luckily, he survived the blast from the strange, untested weapon, because other soldiers sadly didn't. One morning, the hospital was attacked by terrorists. Thomas, scared almost to death, accidentally created a tornado that scared off the terrorists. Thomas, discovering his power, wanted to go after/defeat them, but the doctors wouldn't let him. So, after the hospital was rebuilt, he snuck out of his room and got some towels, labcoats, and nurse outfits. He took fabrics from them and used the fabrics to alter his army uniform and make a mask. With his new powers and new costume, he went after the terrorists. He found their lair and used his powers to create a tornado strong enough to destroy the lair. The tornado caught the attention of some air force members flying over the area. The army, finally finding the secret terrorist base, got the advantage thanks to Thomas and eventually won the top secret war. Thomas got home after the war, and decided to keep fighting terrorists and preventing terrorist attacks as "Tornado"!