Ringed Skull

The Ringed Skull is a character created by TheCannon. He first appeared in Brainstorm Comics Presents... #2. He is a member of the Super Service following the events of The End. His real name is Michael Sooth.


Michael Sooth was a scientist and owner of Sooth Inc. He spent his career studying the crystal radiation on Pluto. He eventually reached an agreement with NASA where they would get use of their equipment in exchange for NASA getting access to his labs. He was able to gather samples of the crystal radiation and studies it. He is eventually able to turn it into a ring of pure energy from the crystals. When a villain named the Executioner attacks the city, Michael puts on the ring and creates a costume with it. Dubbing himself "The Ringed Skull," Michael fights the villin. He reveals himself to be Michael's half brother, Bob Wager, who absorbed the power of the crystals and wanted revenge on Michael for being the favorite when they were kids. Bob proves to be more powerful than Michael. Michael flees, luring Bob into a trap. After trapping him in a nuclear reactor, Michael causes it to explode with Bob trapped inside, killing him in the process. At a press conference the following week, Michael Sooth revealed he was the Ringed Skull.