Paranormis is a twenty-issue comic book limited series created byJohn Albright and Alicia Banks. It was published by Aphelion Comics in 2016 and has since gone through several reprints. 

The story of Paranormis revolves around an investigator in the DPD (Detroit Police Department) named Aaron Mathis who is selected to become a part of a secret law enforcement agency funded by a concealed branch of the United States government. This branch, simply known as "Aether", strictly deals with paranormal phenomena and other supernatural events all the while guarding a makeshift boundary called the "Paranormis", which seperates the so-called supernatural world from that of the ordinary human world. The main storyline follows Aaron as he is assigned to the PCD (Preternatural Crimes Division) and builds a working relationship with his introverted partner Isaac Fisher whilst helping to prevent or solve various crimes committed by supernatural entities.


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  • Aaron Mathis
  • Isaac Fisher