Gnarl the Gnome

A Marvel comics character. Gnarl the Gnome is, obviously, a member of the Gnome species. Gnarl was born in the mystical/mytholigical ages, around the same time of the Asgardians, by unknown parents. Gnarl the Gnome is one of the few only survivors of his entire species, since they waged war with the Asgardians, and fell to the mighty power of Odin. Seeking revenge, Gnarl is often seen attempting to destroy Asgard, as well as any foes in his way, including Earth.

Gnarl the Gnome has made many attempts to destroy Asgard, most notably his major story arc : Asgardoom, in which he retrieved the Amulet of Dimish, The Golden Pyramid, and Hide of Polytrumphiant, an ancient beast with indestructable hide. The Amulet of Dimish enabled him to either entirely destroy foes, shrink them to inches of size, or emit powerful energy blasts capable of killing Asgardians in a single touch. His Golden Pyramid granted Gnarl enhanced stamina, strength, agility, intelligence, and Egyptian Magic, wherein he summoned an army of the undead. Gnarl attacked Asgard, and nearly destroyed the entire kingdom before being defeated by the combined forces of Thor, Sentry, Odin (with Destroyer), and Hulk.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Without any artifacts, Gnarl the Gnome has superhuman strength (capable of lifting 80 tons), stamina, durability, agility, and was an adept hand-to-hand combatant. He also had basic knowledge of magic, such as healing, ice-spikes, firebolts, lightning strikes, levitation, force fields, and more. His sharp claws are also dangerous, and he is one of the last of his kind.

Once, Gnarl the Gnome was experimented on by The Leader (Hulk's enemy) and was granted laser beams emitted from his eyes, and technological advance, such as adamantium armor, and vibranium weaponry.